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Some basic items to check before bringing your bike in for a Roadworthy Test – RWC – this will save you, your own valuable time:

The below are only some of the criteria that a motorcycle has to satisfy to successfully obtain a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). There are many more checks conducted during a Roadworthy Test by our licensed testers and examiners.

Indicators: must flash amber and between 60-120 times per minute

Headlight, stop tail and dash lights: must be correctly operative

Chain & sprockets: must be in good working condition and not excessively worn

Oil leaks: there can be no oil leaks that drip onto the ground

Brake pads & discs: your brake pads must be over 1mm thickness and your brake discs cannot be worn past the limit specified on the disc
Fork seals: there can be no oil leaking from your fork seals

Bearings: all bearings must be in good working condition with smooth operation – no binding or notchy-ness at all

Tyres: must have over 1.5mm of tread at the lowest point on the tyre – no cracks in the rubber

Fender eliminators: most fender eliminators do not pass roadworthy, but in most cases we have a low cost solution to re-fitting the original fender. The rear fender must have a reflector Number plate light globe: must be white and clearly illuminate the number plate

Aftermarket exhausts: motorcycles manufactured after 1984 must have exhausts that read 94db or lower to pass roadworthy. Most aftermarket exhausts exceed this but we can sometimes provide a solution if you do not have the OEM exhaust Must have a properly working horn